Sound In The Signals: yellowbirddd Interview

CENTINELA is the name of the album of your new album coming out and as a word it has such an interesting meaning. How does the title relate to the music found on this new album?

When I first moved to LA about a year ago, my best friend let me sleep on his living room floor for 2 months while I got settled and such. Centinela Avenue was a street in his part of LA. The word stuck out to me, it just was aesthetically pleasing, which tends to happen with me and some words. (the very reason why yellowbirddd has extra d’s – i just like how it looks). The word Centinela has meaning to me, and is significant to this album and my life, for two reasons 1) the root of the word “Cent” generally relates to time and/or the passage of time, and 2) the “ela” ending of the word makes me think of spanish/latin/mexican cultures. I have a love for the southwest, and Los Angeles, which gives that part of the word special meaning for me. My albums tend to be a reflection on the past year or so of my life and a representation where I currently am at mentally, emotionally, physically. After seeing the word Centinela,  I knew I wanted it to end up somewhere in my work…all the reasons above made a pretty perfect fit for the album title.